Couriers and Cargo

The business of transporting goods between the source and the destination needs to be fast, accurate and efficient. The need for errors due to manual intervention has to be minimal to improve customer satisfaction and generate good will for your brand. At the same time, it is extremely necessary for the customer, who wants to keep a track, to know the current status of his shipment through the Internet on his computer or any hand held portable device. PCS, through its wide range of services, helps you in taking your business right to your customer’s doorsteps. We create applications that help you in scheduling your shipments through vendors you prefer, while providing you the freedom of choosing the shipping method that you feel is appropriate to meet your timelines. Our applications also enable you to let your customer decide whether the shipment is to be picked up from his location or delivered at your office. That’s not all. Integration with your vendor’s system allows you to keep a track of the shipment through the app, so no need to go to any other place to get a status and you can pass the same information to the customer through the mobile application or your Internet website.

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