World is going mobile. Nearly 1 billion population owns a Smartphone and 13% of internet traffic comes through Smartphone users. With the rapid expansion of mobile technology, small, medium and large business industries are going mobile enabled since it connects managers to employees, consumer to providers and clients to partners in a way others cannot.

Mobile industry opens up new business perspective and opportunity by offering new, high-quality and composite applications of use to any business industry.

Mobile devices have recently evolved with exemplary configurations such as high CPU speed, increased memory, finer GUI and better screen quality and size. Mobile application development is the process of developing software applications for hand-held devices.

PCS provides Mobile application development on diverse platforms like Windows, iOS and Android. We offer Consulting-design-development and support services to address mobility needs of our client.

We unite our expert knowledge of various product developments with mobile-platforms to ensure that the resultant product meets the end user requirements. We first analyze and identify the organization’s mobile use, then present an architecture based on any one of the above mobile platform which will serve the clients current needs and future inflation, finally we build a framework to manifest the design purpose by the use of simulation technology and test it by emulators.

PCS believes in delivering best in class Mobile applications, which have value and quality, by integrating mobile solutions with business processes and real time analytics. Thus, we will prove to be the perfect partner for mobilizing your business and help you design and develop Mobile strategy which is best suited for your business processes.

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