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Testing Services

In today’s growing business world, it is a prerequisite for organizations to deliver products which are highly standardized, cost-effective and have uncompromising quality. For the product to meet these requirements, testing practices has rapidly evolved.

Testing phase covers almost 20-30% of software development life cycle, and an early detection of a defect can result in a properly finished product and at the same time saves lot of effort, time and money. Thus, the demand for quality assurance has increased immensely. Organizations are looking forward to such testing practices which are not only cost effective but also dispense customer satisfaction, minimize business risk and enhance the quality of the product.

The different types of testing practices which are used to test any product are: Manual Testing and Automated Testing. In manual testing, no testing script or tool is required to test an application.

The test engineer works as a front end user and tests the product for any bug or unexpected behavior on data input. He uses test plans and test cases to test the product and records the actual result in comparison with the expected result. Automation Testing is done by taking the help of software to test the product. Through automated testing, the manual test is re-performed quickly and repeatedly.

Many companies do not meet the criteria and/or lack expertise to perform entire testing of the product before delivering it to the customers. We, at PCS, perform third party testing to enhance the quality and value of your product while maintaining the cost-effectiveness.

As a result of third party testing the quality of the product is enhanced throughout, readiness of the software is maintained and the design and output of the product is as per user expectations. PCS’s third party testing is performed by its expert testers manually as well as through automation testing tools such as SAHI and QTP.

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