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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Solutions- Brand or Re-brand your organization with us

Digital Marketing is no more just about doing SEO to achieve top rankings, or doing Paid Marketing to get instant business and definitely not about just posting on social media channels.

Perceptive Solutions is one of the pioneers in Performance Marketing. And now we are continuously re-inventing it. Our suite of digital marketing services are designed to understand intent- how consumers decide- the buying process- across all digital channels. Through our consumer oriented strategies and fully integrated solutions we are helping organizations turn consumers into conversions.

We create the perfect marketing sauce for your business by using the media channels in which your potential consumers are present. Our Strategies comprise of:

Content Marketing

In the digital space, content has predominantly been the most important factor till date. Our content marketing approach revolves around creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content which attracts your clearly defined audience ultimately driving profitable customer action.

Our team of marketers bring in different forms of content which keeps your customers engaged while giving them information which helps them in their buying process.

Social Media

Social media has emerged as a powerful way for businesses of all sizes to reach potential prospects and customers. There are multiple social media channels but not all channels meant for your business.

We understand your business and your target audience in depth, thereafter create curated content in context with each channel which drives user engagement and traction for your business. Social media channels have the capacity to make or break your brand value.

Our social media experts bring with them a rich experience in taking your business to the next level by creating a consistent strategy to increase brand visibility.

Paid Marketing

Content marketing is an awesome sauce but paid marketing is also one of the most important ingredients of that sauce. Content and paid goes hand in hand to extend your reach in front of more eyeballs.

For paid marketing we work on both Google Adwords and Facebook. But it is crucial to understand which works best for you or both works best for you.

Google Adwords

Once you have understood demand and problems of your target audience who are actively looking for solutions, adwords is the way to present your business in from of your TA quickly and accurately. We have Google certified adwords professionals, with years of experience in creating the right campaign which yields 100% ROI

Facebook Ads

If you are looking to target a specific group of your target audience, FB ads is the way to go. Facebook allows you to target your audience based on psychoraphic profiles. It’s inbuilt tools which helps you target lookalike audience increases the reach of your business. Our team creates emotive content which connects with your users and instigates action.

Email Marketing

Most businesses ignore the hidden virtue of an email marketing campaign. In today’s digital space, keeping your target audience engaged with your brand, is the most difficult task. Email marketing campaigns helps you achieve it.

We analyse your subscriber base to create the most appropriate campaign which will not only increase engagement but will also start the recurring buying process.

If you are business owner or a marketing professional responsible for a brand, we are just a shout away. Get in touch with us and we will help you understand your audience better along with the best ways to covert them to your consumers.