Our AWS experts can help you with:

A Network Operations Center (NOC) is centric place where the administrators manage, monitor and maintain the network of large enterprises. Having a Network Operations Center, it acts as a workstation to monitor the network status and through necessary software we manage it. We monitor Server status, Application and Website.

1. AWS Consulting

2. Architecture designing

3. Designed with native AWS services (ElastiCache, Beanstalk, RDS, etc.)

4. Hosted on the Amazon cloud across regions and availability zones

5. Automated backups and disaster recovery

6. Monitored with CloudWatch and custom application monitors

7. Bridging on-premise data centers with cloud providers (Direct Connect, Storage Gateway, VPC)

8. Leverage Amazon EC2’s simple web service interface for configurable capacity

9. Understand and use Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for data storage and retrieval

10. Use Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) to integrate existing applications and your application in the AWS cloud

11. Quickly deliver your content with Amazon CloudFront which provides a global network of edge locations

12. Leverage Amazon Route 53 for scalable DNS

13. Quickly setup and use Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) and Amazon SimpleDB for data storage

14. Use Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) for messages storage/queuing

15. Understand and use Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) to send cloud-based notifications

16. Architect, design, and build a custom AMI

17. Use field tested, proven EC2 best practices

18. Configure EC2 security

19. Optimize performance

20. Troubleshoot EC2 issues

Cloud Management:

Enhanced with self-style-service provisioned to balance the centralized, policy-based and size planning with the visibility on physical and virtual environment from applications to disk. We provide the customer to study, form, deploy and operate application environment on-place. We offer widest and the most appropriate set of solutions to build, deploy and manage the end-to-end lifecycle of cloud.

Cloud service provides a very high elastic environment that gives on-demand infrastructure over the internet with scalable resources (networks, servers, storage, applications, and services), which can be deployed quickly with cost efficiency and minimal management effort.

How Supports Cloud?

Strong technical support team can help you in both, building brand new applications and migrating your existing applications to AWS cloud without compromising on the standards that were maintained earlier by your IT department.

1. Deployment services for AWS

2. Backup/Restore for AWS

3. Security Management for AWS

4. Optimization for AWS

Remote Server

NOC(Network Operations Center Services)

A Network Operations Center (NOC) is centric place where the administrators manage, monitor and maintain the network of large enterprises. Having a Network Operations Center, it acts as a workstation to monitor the network status and through necessary software we manage it. We monitor Server status, Application and Website.

24×7 NOC Management from dedicated engineers and provide hourly management for project works to increase the margin and thereby allowing your internal team to focus on business strategies and consumer activities. We build with world class Network Operations Center, providing unmatched technical support and expertise to ensure security, consistency and quality, no matter where your services are deployed.

Server Management

Server Management

We provides 24/7 Technical Support, Remote Server Administration, Server Security, Linux Server Management and Helpdesk Management to clients around the world. We specialize in Extended Server Security, Server Hardening, Support of Linux/UNIX/Windows servers, products and services.

erver Management includes 24×7 monitoring of your server, management of OS, third party software and Security tightening. Best Server Support team will monitor your servers 24×7 and will also take care of third party software installations.

Server Configuration

1. Web server (Apache, Ngnix, Tomcat, etc.) installation, compilation, upgradation and performance tuning.

2. PHP, MySQL and PostgreSQL installation, configuration and troubleshooting.

3. Installation & configuration of third party applications.

4. Load balancer and cluster setup.


1. Web Server Optimization

2. Mysql Optimization

3. Php Optimization

4. Logrotation

5. Stop and disable unwanted services running on the server

6. System Integrity Monitor: Service monitoring of HTTP, FTP, DNS, SSH, MYSQL & more

Server Hardening

1. Check Server Security

2. CHKRootKit : Detects hacker software and notifies via email

3. RootKit Hunter : A tool which scans for backdoors and malicious softwares present in the server.

4. APF or CSF : A policy based iptables firewall system used for the easy configuration of iptables rules.

5. SSH Securing : For a better security of ssh connections.

6. Secure FTP : Secure FTP server by upgrading to latest version and by configuration.

7. PHP Tightening : Tweak PHP by changing the parameters of php configuration for better security and performance

8. PHP Upgrade : Compile PHP to its latest stable version which increases server security.

9. MySQL Hardening

10. ClamAV : Is a cross-platform antivirus software tool-kit which is able to detect many types of malicious software, including viruses

Mod Security (On Request)

ModSecurity is an embeddable web application firewall. It provides protection from a range of attacks against web applications, allows for HTTP traffic monitoring and real-time analysis with no changes to existing infrastructure

Mod Evasive (On Request)

Mod Evasive is an evasive manoeuvre module for Apache that provides evasive action in the event of an HTTP DoS attack or brute force attack.

Server Migration

We are experts in migration of single website transfer to a multi-server/sites, applications transfer and cloud server migration. We know the migration process well and we also provide post migration support.

While migrating sites we ensure that access of your credentials, designs, business sensitive data, important documents, hosting details etc. all remain confidential. After the migration is completed, we make sure that it is completely compatible with the new environment. We help you to resolve any issue, if found with the new environment.

Migration Services Provided

Our team of professionals hold expertise in all the below mentioned technologies:

1. Migrate Linux server

2. Migrate MySQL server

3. Migrate web applications

4. Cloud Migration

What we offer to clients

We would be offering server virtualization and management solutions

We would be offering server security and user access control.

We give managed server backups and restores to our clients.

3. Migrate web applications

We have proper disaster recovery planning and management.

Why you should choose

We would improve your productivity by improved uptime

We would help you to concentrate on your core activity.

We would be always keeping in tune with latest technologies.

We would be offering access to professional and certified domain experts 24*7*365.

We would be implementing only best practices in industry.

We would be bringing down operational and infrastructure cost.

Web Hosting

We provide Outsourced 24/7 support

We provide Technical Support, Remote Server Management, cPanel Server Administration & Monitoring, Helpdesk Support, Remote Infrastructure Management, NOC, Cloud, Enterprise Security Services, Linux, Windows and Game Server Management and Help Desk Management to clients. We specialize in Extended Server Security, Server audit, Server Hardening, Server Tweak and Optimization.

24/7 support for Linux and cloud servers

We provide 24/7/365 technical support for Linux and Cloud servers with or without control panels. We are truly dedicated to provide the best server management solutions. We support Dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers or VPS running any Linux.Our admins are capable of managing the server and cloud at difficult times and with any sort of issues which helps in diagnosing, supporting and monitoring.

We offer the following services:

Server attack

We are well equipped to rectify issues such as brute forcing, inbound and outbound spamming, DDoS attacks, etc, which ultimately effects the reputation of your IP. Our experienced staffs are able to detect attacks early, blocks attackers, and recovers blacklisted IPs and hacked sites.

Server recovery & Backup –

Our administrations helps a quick restores the services and recovers any lost data from Backup. A system upgrade, performance issue or a hardware issue can lead to a server crash.

Server and services customization –

To streamline your business, you need to implement systems to more efficiently conduct daily activities. Our team helps you to setup and customize systems.

24/7 availability –

Nexgen provide 24/7 support with our expert engineers. We work 24/7/365 days and we have no holidays as well. We will always provide fast and friendly support.

Hosting Support –

Owner of websites often need assistance in configuring and troubleshooting their hosted services. We helps customers to quickly recover from all sorts of service issues. We help them to meet their business needs.

Server performance –

We will help you manage your server to handle the server load fasten, which are caused through abusive user processes and hardware issues.